A Philosophical Dialogue

Neve : Hi Max, do you know that I dreamt about death?
Max : for me it's nothing new, I live it every day.
Neve : is it true? But it must be terrible!
Max : instead it's very beautiful.
Neve : you are telling me that to dream about an angry witch dressed in black is beautiful?
Max : no… but maybe you haven't understood me.
Max : that death isn't an angry black witch.
Neve : but what is it then? No one has ever talked to me about death. I have my own ideas about it. I'm very afraid to die.
Max : now I understand what your problem is ! You don't know how to recognize the presence of death in every day life, because we die day by day.
Neve : what? Die every day? I tray to live every day as something new and now I have to also live to die every day?
Max : exactly ! Death open the way of life!
Neve : hey, are you always in the middle of books? What book have you read recently?
Max : the book of my life.
Neve : I' ve also been thinking about writing a book in my life, but I haven't begun yet.
Max : I'd like to tell you that your book you've already begun to write…
Neve : are you sure? It could be true, but if it is, I still don't know how to read it!
Max : I remember that I began to read my experience.
Neve : you speak about experience but up to now you've only talked as a philosopher.
Max : but, life and death aren't experiences?
Neve : you mean that you remember when you were born? That may be you have already died once?
Max : I'm not speaking about the final death, but of the little deaths of every day life.
Neve : this is interesting, do you want to tell me that when I smoke a cigarette I die a little?
Max : it could be…
Neve : listen, I sometimes feel melancholy not only when I smoke, but also in many other occasions when I'm not really happy. Do you think it's really important?
Max : (thinking…)
Neve : but are you telling me that when my friend are just hanging around, bored, that they could already be dead?
Max : could be, or may be they are suffering because they don't know how to begin to live?
Neve : I don't understand any thing! But maybe you're right and death surrounds us more than I thought.
Max : do you know Max you are making me nervous! I feel as if I am a child again!
Max : would you like to be a child again?
Neve : do you know, I wouldn't mind starting over again, re-doing every thing from head to foot- may be I would change the shape of my eyebrows and the colour of my hair.
Max: Only your hair and your eyebrows?
Neve : well, maybe my hips could be a bit thinner…
Max : and your eyes?
Neve : no my eyes are ok, but if we want to be picky, you know, a little bit of glamour, that's always nice to have.
Max : who do you want to attract?
Neve : I would like to attract many men, but you know, I would like to like myself more, I would like to be able to love myself more.
Max : and it's for this that you want to become a child again?
Neve : Yes, for this, but I would also be afraid that they might kill me; I see that people, when they open themselves they become weak and vulnerable.
Max : and therefore you risk dying…
Neve : damnation! But this idea of death is becoming heavy!
Max : but not like life! Just think, kid, if you could re do your eyebrows!


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